DRAWings PRO X embroidery software


DRAWings® PRO version 10 is a multi-functional software with a fully customizable interface and an impressive list of features, designed to be used for graphics designing, textile and screen printing, embroidery, computerized quilting, crafting with cuts and stencils as well as fabric painting.

You can now choose the tools you will use based on your project. If you want to create a design with cuts you can choose to create a new design with only the Cut Technique enabled. Only the tools of the Cut technique will be available to you, allowing you to be more productive and precise.

You always have the ability to enable or disable techniques, based on the project's needs, and create beautiful designs that can combine all the available techniques.

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Wings' XP 6 software

In our eXPerience 6 software, we did our best to create an easy to use and fast software which will help you create your embroidery designs with the best possible quality. eXPerience 6 is the complete professional embroidering package with the best embroidery quality in the market.

It gives you the power to create a design from scratch based on your expertise or let the software automatically convert the artwork to embroidery and just fine tune the results based on your preferences.

eXPerience 6 is the best choice for every embroider!

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Wings' modular 6

Wings' modular is a community of Application Cells. Each application module is a Stand-Alone Program. It includes 14 modules which are activated separately. In order to create the functionality for each module, a Hierarchy Dependency Outline was constituted for Wings' modular.

The latest version of the software includes a lot of great useful and unique features. All features are spread in the modules of Wings' modular with best possible way that will make the addition of modules convenient. Build your own software based on your embroidery needs like a puzzle and save money from features that you will never use.

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DRAWings® Snap

DRAWings® Snap is the first embroidery app that gives you the freedom to conveniently purchase stitch designs from the Apple Store as well as modify your designs anywhere, anytime—even when you’re not connected to the Internet: personalize your designs using your iPhone/iPod or iPad to combine the right fabric and thread colors, choosing the design style that suits your project, as easy as pressing a button!

See it all before you export the design for your embroidery machine, in Photorealistic preview and stitching simulation to ensure perfection every time.

DRAWings® Snap introduces you to a whole new world of innovations where freedom and mobility are bound to make machine embroidery a real pleasure.

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myeditor Free embroidery software

my editor™ is a Free, simple viewing and editing software with some innovative features and functions. It was mainly developed to provide the capability to view and modify supported embroidery files and then re-save them in any of the available embroidery file formats. It can be very helpful for any user who wants to make simple changes to his embroidery designs. It will help you view your designs with actual thread colors, make changes and add information in them. It also includes extra browsing and saving capabilities, as well as tools for better production and material management.

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Wings Systems Ltd.

Wings Systems Ltd. is a reputable European company specializing for years in embroidery software. Our products range from professional software ideal for industrial users, to applications developed for hobbyists and home users.

What sets our company apart from competition is the great quality of the software we offer with continuous innovations and an unparalleled user-friendly interface, as well as the effective and responsive technical support our team offers in an always professional yet friendly manner.

Our clientele ranges from well known factories all around the world to family-owned businesses and home users. It's no wonder why companies such as Recaro, Lufthansa Basf and many more choose our software to embroider their products.

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  • Testimonials
  • "Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the new DRAWings Pro 6. I have gone through the pdf brochures on your site to see how everything works and I am very excited in what I see. Congratulate the "powers that be" on a very good piece of software."

    "Thanks very much. You are the best technical support team of all the software companies I’ve ever dealt with, with fast response and answers. Thanks again."

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