Eco friendly Practice

Even though our business is not such that our practice could have great influence on the environment, it is our belief that any step towards protecting the environment is a step worth taken.

Here’s what we do almost on a daily basis and hope this can act as an inspiration for you as well:

Practice the three R’s


  • We encourage our customers to buy downloadable versions instead of CD versions of our software -whenever available- to reduce our “environmental footprint” (this is a concept which adds the carbon footprint of warehousing, transporting and distributing an item to the carbon footprint of actually making that item, in our case the CD itself along with its packaging). Likewise, we prefer to buy products in electronic (downloadable) format whenever available from our suppliers (e.g. Microsoft’s MSDN subscription).
  • We try to choose hardware and other electric devices according to how eco-friendly they are (among other things).
  • We try to keep our packaging as little as possible while still protecting the items that we ship.
  • We encourage internal communication to be electronic, thus avoiding printed memos and faxes.
  • We save information and documents electronically rather than printing out a hard copy, every time this is possible.
  • We make two-sided copies.
  • We try to proof documents on the computer before printing them or in lieu of printing them for proofing.
  • We use energy-saving light bulbs in all areas.
  • We use a service which brings us large refillable cans of bottled water instead of buying one-use plastic bottles of water.


  • Outdated hardware but still in working order is donated to individuals who need them and to non-profit organizations.
  • We reuse packaging material (e.g. cardboard boxes and foam packing peanuts), whenever possible.
  • Waste paper that has been printed on both sides is shredded and used as packaging material.
  • We make scratch pads from outdated letterhead and business cards.
  • We use cloth hand towels instead of paper ones.
  • We use ceramic coffee cups, utensils and plates in our kitchen and lunchroom.


  • We recycle outdated and damaged (beyond repair) computers and electronic components, through a specialized local company.
  • We recycle paper through our municipal pick-up service.
  • We recycle aluminum and plastic packaging (e.g. beverage cans, straws, wrapping materials).
  • We recycle ink cartridges and batteries.


  • We empty the coffee filters and used tea bags in the soil of our office plants; they seem to thrive on that!
  • We take advantage of good weather to open the windows and turn off the air‑conditioners; it also helps us breathe more fresh air!



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